How To Make A Doggie Ice Lick (Fantastic Boredom Buster!)

How To Make A Doggie Ice Lick (Fantastic Boredom Buster!)

This is such a fun idea for any readers with dogs – or just anyone who knows someone with a dog (which is pretty much everyone!) It keeps dogs entertained and cool in the hot summer months.

Here’s how it works…

Fill a large container (such as a bucket) with a mixture of water and chicken stock and add some of your dogs favorite toys. Freeze the mixture (it can take up to a day depending on the size) and once frozen solid, upend the container and place on a stand. Your dog will lick away at the tasty chicken stock and water mixture keeping them cool and entertained! What a fun idea!

I found this idea via Cold Nose Mag. It was originally posted on Fetch Dog but the site has now disappeared.

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  1. Margaret C. says:

    I saw this idea from (I think) the original catalog, where the form cost s/thing like $30, which was a little too much for me. I tried a small scale version with a small sand bucket, but after several successful efforts, the plastic broke. So I think the trick is either to a) plan to go through several cheap buckets or b) find something with a little more flex, but then the cost factor probably goes up quickly. However, if you use it often, and it lasts a fairly long time, then it’s probably worth it. FWIW, a bowl full of ice cubes thrown out into the yard is also entertaining for dogs who like ice, though obviously not for as long 😉

    I’d love to hear from anyone who’s had some success with this idea!