DIY Cedar Smokehouse

DIY Cedar Smokehouse

Canning, pickling and freezing are just a few fantastic ways you can preserve your food, however with this simple DIY you’ll be able to preserve meat whilst slowly cooking it to make it more tender, resulting in a delicious treat everyone will love. Smokehouses are designed to slowly cook meat or fish on a low, even heat until it is cooked perfectly, all while imparting subtle but scrumptious flavors to tingle those tastebuds!

Made with basic tools and materials this build has been designed for the amateur DIYer. With just a drill, handsaw, trowel and level anyone can build their own Smokehouse. The simple design can be adapted to fit in whatever space you have available and will take your preserving and food to a whole other level.

Once you’ve finished the project you’ll have to decide which wood you’ll use to smoke your food as that will actually alter the taste, meaning you can take the same cut of meat and make deliciously different flavors!

How To Build Your Own Cedar Smokehouse