50 Cute Projects To Make From Leftover Yarn – They Make Excellent Gifts, Too!



Left over material can be the biggest downer when it comes to crafts. You don’t want to waste it but what are you going to do with it?

Here we’ve found an article that answers that question for the knitters and crocheters in the group! Never let that leftover yarn go to waste again when you can makes some of these super adorable gifts to give out to the people in your life.

The projects here are fun, quick, and make great use of all sorts of yarn. From functional projects like bags and mug cozies, to decorative items like frames, mobiles, and flowers – you’re sure to find something here to use up those scraps!

Head over to DIY & Crafts to see the full list of projects:

50 Cute Projects to Make from Leftover Yarn