Outside In – Bringing Plants Inside For Winter

Outside In – Bringing Plants Inside For Winter

We spend hours toiling away in our gardens pruning, watering and tending to our plants every need. Then the winter months come along and they can ruin everything and do a lot of damage.

Each area and growing zone differs as to when you need to begin preparing your garden for winter. But a few key points to take notice of when working out when’s best to bring your plants in are:

  1. Temperature – When it becomes colder, or even freezing temperatures, bring in your plants and winter them indoors.
  2. Wind – What feels like a relaxing breezy evening to us can seem much colder to plants. So if a chill in the air becomes common place they need to be brought indoors.
  3. Check Your Plants – If they are struggling in the weather then move them so they can flourish.

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