Man Designs & Builds Mobile Hot Tub Tiny House

Man Designs & Builds Mobile Hot Tub Tiny House

There’s no guarantees in the property market and we all know it can be almost impossible to get on the ladder, but the ‘Tiny House Movement’ has arrived!

These homes are designed to maximize space as much as possible, whilst retaining the comforts of an average sized home. A tiny home is built anywhere between 65 to 400 feet in size and can be designed to meet your requirements. Not only will you save money but you’ll spend less time cleaning, less time on general maintenance all while living in a more environmentally friendly space. Check out out a few examples here and here.

Whether you want to buy a pre-built tiny home or build one for yourself you’ll find that they can cost anywhere from $6000 upwards…imagine living without a mortgage? Best of all if you build it on a trailer bed, which most tiny homes are, you won’t require any planning permission, meaning you can start building whenever suits you!

You can view this full article and check out this Tiny Home at here.