DIY Pallet Outdoor Swimming Pool With Decking

As the months slowly start warming up, so does our appetite to be outdoors in the glorious weather! Why not improve your back garden with this DIY outdoor swimming pool deck would make the most perfect place to relax and enjoy the hotter weather. Made with recycled pallets, this decking DIY is super easy to […]

29 Fantastic Garden Lighting Ideas

Adding lighting to your garden can really transform the space. From fairy lights in trees, to built in walkway lights and even light box seating, these 29 ideas are simply stunning and will make you run to the shops to create your own! Whether you are blessed with lots of space or a small patio, […]

How To Use Grass Clippings In The Garden

Grass clippings can be a great, and cheap, way to fertilize around your yard! When mulched, it can help fertilize your lawn. Adding it to your vegetable garden can make it more functional, you can even make a liquid fertilizer out of grass clippings! To see these and more head over to Balcony Garden Web […]

How To Make A Solar Powered Walkway

Adding solar lights to any garden will instantly make your space look magical, but try adding this breathtakingly stunning solar powered walkway for an even bigger, dramatic effect! The colored glass blocks look incredible in day-light as they catch the sun’s rays, but equally beautiful lit up at night! A great idea if you love using […]

How They Built A Gorgeous Poolside Patio Using A Bunch Of Discarded Pallets

Everyone loves a DIY using wooden pallets! They are versatile, cheap and easy to build with! We have seen loads of cool pallet projects over the years and this has to be one of our top favorites! This gorgeous poolside patio is so easy to make, but looks incredibly stylish! Perfect for dining with friends, […]

How to Transform a Glass Bottle into a Simple Decorative Lantern

Empty glass bottles can sometimes be too nice to simply recycle, with various colors and shapes, saving your favorite ones for a DIY project can certainly pay off. Here is a great way of using those special bottles in a fun and beautiful craft project. These decorative lanterns would make the perfect centerpiece for an intimate […]

49 Brilliant Garage Organization Tips, Ideas and DIY Projects

Utilizing your garage space, whether that be large or small, can be quite a challenge if you let the clutter get out of control! Here are 49 tips, ideas and DIY projects that will bring control and organization back into your garage. From ways to store gardening tools to wall storage ideas to maximize floor space, […]

Incredible Ways To Use Broken Pots In Your Garden

Ever broken an expensive planter pot? Don’t throw them away! You can re-use those broken pots to create new, stylish displays for your garden! Check out the full list of ideas at Balcony Garden Web and get to upcycling those old pots! Incredible Broken Pot Ideas: Recycle your Garden

How To Make A Butterfly Feeder

This is a great project to do with older kids. Build a simple butterfly feeder or one of these other simple projects and start enjoying the weather with your kids outdoors! Head over to Traditional Cooking School for the full list of great garden DIY ideas! Make a Butterfly Feeder 

How To Use Epsom Salt For Brighter, More Beautiful Roses

Want the secret to beautiful, more vibrant roses? You might be surprised to learn that Epsom salt is the key. Epsom salt is an absolute wonder for the garden – check out this link for ten amazing ways to use this magical substance in your garden.  And then take a look at Plant Care Today below […]