DIY Fairy Lantern Tutorial

These super cute DIY fairy lanterns would make any little girl jump with joy. They are fun to make, only require a few materials and are really quite magical, great as little night lights! This video will take you through all the steps needed to create these little beauties, making the whole process straightforward, so […]

17 Mind-Blowing Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone & iPad Could Do

Most people these days say they couldn’t live without their iPhone or iPad, most have become more or less reliant on these devices to help them get through everyday life. However are you using yours to its full potential? Here is a list of 17 mind blowing things you didn’t know your iPhone and iPad could do. […]

102 Things to Do on a Money-Free Weekend

Looking to live a little more frugally? Date nights can get really expensive, but having quality time with your significant other is incredibly important. You can easily find some really incredible ways to spend time over the weekend with that special someone without spending a dime. In fact, The Simple Dollar has 102 ways to […]

How To Make Homemade Flubber

Image credit: Not only is this fantastic craft great for kids, we are pretty sure the adults will love help making it too…homemade flubber is easy to make and only requires a few materials! Next time your kids claim they are bored, simply whip out this craft and they will be entertained for hours! To […]

37 Easy Parenting Hacks & Projects To Make Your Life Easier

This list of excellent parenting hacks will have you wondering “Why didn’t I think of this before?” Be it a way to avoid clogged toilets due to too much toilet paper, mess free sidewalk chalk, orderly storage, or “monster spray” this list has something for every parent on it that you’ll find useful — or, […]

How To Make Elephants Toothpaste – A Super Fun Science Experiment For Kids

Who would have thought a science experiment would be called ‘Elephant Toothpaste’. This experiment is loads of fun! Navigating by Joy has the full recipe and instructions on how to make this exciting science experiment. Try not to get wrapped up in the fun, and explain what’s happening as well! Head over to Navigating by […]

29 Summer Parenting Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

So the kids are home for the summer? That means it’s time to get prepared! Children are a handful– everyone knows that. And when you’ve got to keep them entertained, buckled up, and clean every single second of every single day, things can get lost and confusing. Buzzfeed has created a list of things to […]

50+ Boredom Banishing Activities for Kids

  For those of you who live in the north, you’re well aware of the daunting winter months. Sometimes, it can be mortifying to see the little one’s have a snow day, and you are in charge of keeping them inside for the entire day without losing your mind. For those of you in the […]

13 Amazing Ways You Can Use A $2 Pool Noodle At Home

Pool noodles appear to be kind of a useless tool. They’re fun in the water, and make great toys for the children– but what do you do when you find yourself with fifty of them, and your kids are all grown up? Little Things has shared a great video on using pool noodles for 13 […]

How to Get Free Money – These 16 Companies Will Give You $1,935.20

There is so many amazing crafts and DIYs in the world! If you’ve bought a new house, or you’re looking to spice up your old one, you may find yourself digging for change at the register. But it doesn’t stop at homes either. Maybe you’re looking for some extra cash for your chicken coop, or […]