7 Clever New Ways To Use Your Kitchen Appliances

7 Clever New Ways To Use Your Kitchen Appliances

The internet is full of ingenious and amazing kitchen hacks – such as this brilliant post revealing 22 genius kitchen tips and tricks. You’ll even find one or two posts which will show you how to hack food like the post you can see here, but more often than not you still need a plethora of gadgets.

In 2013 U.S. household appliance stores sold $15.8 BILLION worth of appliances, that’s money which is coming out of our pockets, so instead of buying every appliance under the sun why not find out everything you can make and do with the appliances you have?

Here are a few extra fun ideas which AREN’T included in this fun post:

Toast Nuts In A Popcorn Maker – Pop in half a cup of nuts and turn it on for about a minute for a delicious treat!

Shred Meat With A Stand Mixer – Pop your cooked meet in the stand mixer bowl and turn it on. It couldn’t be easier.

Cook In A Dishwasher – Wrap salmon in tinfoil, add your chosen spices and a lemon wedge then pop it in the top rack of the dishwasher for a normal cycle without soap and ‘hey presto’ gourmet food without the hassle!

To see all 7 ways you can teach your old appliances new tricks visit nomorethan7.com here.