55 Ways To Reuse, Re-purpose & Recycle Dryer Sheets

55 Ways To Reuse, Re-purpose & Recycle Dryer Sheets

If you have a box of dryer sheets hiding in the back of the cupboard not being used, then you seriously need to consider one of these 55 fantastic ways to reuse, re-purpose and recycle them.

Jillee over at ‘One Good Thing By Jillee’ says:

You don’t even have to buy the pricey name brand sheets, just pick up an inexpensive box at the dollar store and start experimenting with this vast collection of uses I have gathered from across the world wide web!’

These 55 uses are fantastic, from removing soap scum from your shower to cleaning electronics and even keeping your tent and camping gear fresh, there is something here for everyone.

We particularly like her idea for keeping your window blinds clean, by using dusting sheets, the anti-static properties actually repel any dust and dirt that may want to stick around! Not only will this save you time, this method is totally hassle free too!

If you like the sound of some of these ideas, you should head over to her website now, to check out all 55 ideas