40+ Incredible Double-Duty Tips For Household Items

40+ Incredible Double-Duty Tips For Household Items

Have you ever considered using old wine bottles to keep your boots stiff and upright? Or storing your earrings in a pair on an old button to keep them safe? Well if the answer is no to both of these questions you will love these 40+ ideas for double duty tips for the household.

From saving you money, to making your life easier, these double duty tips are about to blow your mind.

We have picked what we think are the most unusual tips included in the round-up…

  • Use olive oil as shaving cream
  • Clean a dirty pan with a dryer sheet
  • Clear broken glass with a piece of bread

There are tonnes of double duty ideas out there, but this list includes some fantastic ideas, that you can definitely put to good use around your home.

Here is a tip we found that isn’t included, but is totally cool and free:

When staying in hotels, stock up on those free shower caps, so when you next go away, you can pack your trainers in your suitcase without making your other belongings dirty.

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