17 Genius Uses For Baby Powder You Don’t Want To Miss

17 Genius Uses For Baby Powder You Don’t Want To Miss

Not many people know how many incredible ways there are to use baby powder! From saving you money, effort and hassle, to performing every day tasks with ease, this powder really is a super powder. Inexpensive and gentle enough to use on most things, everyone should have a bottle in their homes.

Tipsbulletin.com has put together this round up of 17 incredible ways in which you can use baby powder for all sorts of reasons and aliments.

Here are just a few we love:

– Untangling necklaces

– Freshening smelly shoes

– Cooling bed sheets

Not only are these ideas innovative, but practically un-heard of too!

Here is another unconventional use for baby powder that isn’t included on this fantastic round-up but you may find useful..

If you have squeaky floorboards, simply dust some baby powder on to them and sweep into the cracks. The noise that drives you crazy will be gone immediately, leaving you will a non-squeaky floor and peace!

If you like the sound of using baby powder in an unconventional way, then head over to Tipsbulletin.com to check out all 17 genius ideas