13 Genius Tricks Every iPad & iPhone User Needs To Know

13 Genius Tricks Every iPad & iPhone User Needs To Know

If you have an iPhone or iPad, then this list of 13 tricks will save you time and hassle every time you use either device!

Some of these are so simple, you will kick yourself for not knowing them before! Some are genius, and without people sharing these tricks, it is likely you would never know about them.

From taking photos quickly without entering your pass code, to closing more than one app at a time, there really is something here that everyone will find incredibly useful!

Here is another trick that isn’t featured on this round-up, but you may find helpful…

Simply go to your compass, swipe the screen to the left and you will have an instant level gauge! Not many people know that this even exists, there really is no need to download extra spirit level apps which will use up valuable memory space!

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