30 Knitting Projects That Are Perfect For Summer


There is plenty of time in the summer to start on new projects. While the weather is nice, your creative side can bloom! Buzzfeed has created an awesome article to share great knitting projects for the summer. Whether it’s a knit shirt to keep you cool, or a cute handbag for the beach, this article […]

29 Dollar-Store Finds That Will Keep Your Kids Busy All Summer

dollar store finds

If you’re looking for great ways to keep your kids outside and active all summer long, look no further. These craft ideas are the perfect way to keep them occupied throughout the long summer days. These ideas are perfect for moms and for favorite babysitters, so dig in, get crafting, and keep busy! Head over […]

43 DIY Ways To Add Some Much Needed Sparkle To Your Life

43 DIY Ways To Add Some Much Needed Sparkle To Your Life

Everything is made better when you add a touch of pizzazz and with these 43 fantastic DIY’s you can add the sparkle you need into your life. From edible bling to sparkling accessories this post has plenty of awesome projects that anyone can do. You’ll love the way you can make just about anything sparkle, gleam […]

100 Expert Gardening Tips, Ideas and Projects that Every Gardener Should Know


It’s gardening season! Regardless of whether or not you’re an experienced gardener, DIY & Crafts has put together an amazing list of gardening tips from experts along with fun ideas and projects to be done with your family! ] From DIY drip feeders and sweetening your tomatoes with baking soda, to propagating roses with potatoes […]

15 Curb Appeal Makeovers That Double Your Home’s Value


Curb appeal can turn your house from a building into a masterpiece. With just some paint, plants and a vision, you can transform your house into a dream home. Buzzfeed has created an article to give you some ideas on what you can do with the outside of your home to reconstruct it’s beauty. This article has […]

33 Super Cheap Activities for Your Kids This Summer


Sometimes it can be difficult to get your kids away from the television. In the summer heat, you want your children to be outside and fueling their creativity– but you don’t want to break the bank at the same time. Livingino has created a fantastic article of games your kids can play outside that are […]

17 Genius Small-Space Garden Ideas

garden in a small space

If you live in an apartment or perhaps in a place without a large backyard, you probably can’t really plant an enormous, lush garden to grow your own herbs and veggies. But don’t despair, Buzzfeed has rounded up 17 ways to help you start a garden even in the smallest places! 17 Genius Small-Space Garden […]

8 Weeks to a Less Cluttered Home


We love our nik-naks! They’re little reminders of great adventures, people, and memories. But for those of us who like to hold onto quiet a lot of memories we may be finding ourselves wondering how to get rid of all the clutter. Keeper of the Home has created an 8 week plan to put your […]

15 Best Ways To Hide Trash Cans


Trashcans are not pretty. No matter how much money you spend on one, the fact of the matter is: they hold trash. So instead of spending a ton of money on painting and refurbishing your trash can, DIY Alternative Energy created a cheaper way: hide them. From simple and inexpensive, to extravagant and fabulous, this […]

11 Creative Ideas For Re-Using Large Plastic Drums


Got a few old plastic drums laying around at home? You may be looking for creative ways to re-purpose them, and utilize those DIY muscles. From rain barrels to a bio-filter to even a small boat, you can find great projects that will give those old plastic drums a new purpose. Head over to DIY […]