8 Poison-Free Ways to Get Rid of Mice


As the weather starts to cool down, many of us will start seeing small, furry pests like mice trying to invade our homes. Poison is a risky way to deal with these pets, since there is always the chance that your children or pets can be exposed to these poisons. Instead, use these non-toxic, humane […]

Luna – The Ultimate Night Light That Every Home Needs


Looking for a unique light? The Luna is a beautiful lantern designed to look just like the moon, with all the shadows that you can see through a telescope. The lantern comes in a wide variety of sizes, so you can find the exact size you need. Check out more about Luna at This Is […]

85 Insanely Clever Organizing & Storage Ideas for Your Entire Home


Having trouble taming the clutter? This guide will have you organizing like a pro, with tips and tricks for your entire home, including the garage! Turn you home into a clutter free haven! Find 85 incredible solutions to all of your clutter problems at DIY & Crafts! 85 Insanely Clever Organizing & Storage Ideas for Your […]

200 Practical Household Tips & Tricks for a Clean & Tidy Home


Have trouble keeping up with the housework? It’s time to work smarter, not harder. Organize and take steps to keep your home cleaner so you can spend less time cleaning it. Once you put these ideas into practice, keeping your home tidy will take no time at all! Learn more at DIY & Crafts! 200 […]

Using These Easy Steps, You Can Unshrink Any Clothing Item


Oh no! You bought a brand new shirt and washed it just once, and now it’s so tiny you definitely can’t wear it again! Don’t panic. With a few easy steps, you can unshrink pretty much any piece of clothing. To learn how, visit Just DIY. Using These Easy Steps, You Can Unshrink Any Clothing […]

How To Use Grass Clippings In The Garden


Grass clippings can be a great, and cheap, way to fertilize around your yard! When mulched, it can help fertilize your lawn. Adding it to your vegetable garden can make it more functional, you can even make a liquid fertilizer out of grass clippings! To see these and more head over to Balcony Garden Web […]

Got Any Old T Shirts? Here’s How To Make One Of The Most Beautiful Things Ever


If you have never woven anything before, this project is for you! This is a great beginner weaving project with a stunning end result. Grab some colored t-shirts to make some t-shirt yarn (also really simple) and a hula-hoop or some cardboard to use as a loom. The directions are clear and full of detailed […]

Make Your Own Glowing Chalk

Make your own glowing chalk 00

Chalk is great summertime fun, but it’s always been a daytime activity. Now, your kids can create their very own glowing chalk in tons of fun colors. Great for Halloween and other celebrations, why not let the kids give your path a glowing make-over! Learn how to reinvent chalk as a summertime activity at Growing A […]

Transform Your Home With These Brilliant DIY Dresser Drawer Upcycles


Sometimes you find dresser drawers at a flea market missing their dresser! You’ve probably always passed them by, since there isn’t much you can do with a drawer without the dresser, right? Oh, so wrong. Find a ton of brilliant ways to turn those old drawers into decor at Little Things! Brilliant DIY Dresser Drawer […]

They Transformed Their Bathroom Using Old Picture Frames — The Perfect Upcycle!


Sometimes the best DIYs are made from things that you wouldn’t normally use in that manner, like picture frames! An old picture frame can be an incredibly easy and cheap alternative to crown molding when used for projects like wainscoting. Find out exactly how this homeowner used them to spruce up their bathroom at Little […]